Guardian home program

Guardian home information


Some breeders find new homes for their mom and dad dogs when they retire from breeding.  At Sleeping Bear Kennels, we utilize guardian homes.  Our mom dogs find forever homes as puppies.  Once they come of age, they return to SBK for a few weeks to raise their puppies, and then go back home with you, for up to 5 litters.

This is a unique opportunity, and in reflection of their times away from home, the cost is reduced to $500.  As a guardian home, you are required to provide high quality raw food, and cover all regular expenses for a pet dog, including grooming, care, food, and veterinary fees.   SBK covers all breeding related expenses including spay at the end of the contract period.

In order to be considered for a guardian home, you must live within 2 hours of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

to enquire about the program, please email: