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About Cavapoos

 Cavapoos are a magnificent breed. 

Also known as Cavoodles or Cavadoodles, Cavapoos are loyal, smart, and intelligent.  They are warm and gentle, with an easy going disposition, and their favorite activity is cuddling with their family. They are easy to train and quite biddable, so the stress that typically comes with raising a puppy is non existent.  You will find they are pleasant through and through and mature quickly.

At SBK our goal is to breed Cavapoo puppies who will be full grown at 15-20 pounds (standard size is 12-25 pounds).  We breed for reds: from Apricot to Dark Red, with abstract and parti (red with white markings.)


Cavapoo puppies for sale at Sleeping Bear Kennels

Quick FAQ

Q: Why is your waitlist for Cavapoo puppies so long?

A: Our waitlist average is 12 months, although sometimes this is quite shorter, or longer. Once you send in your waitlist form, during the video call I will let you know the anticipated wait time. A good breeder will maintain a waitlist – this ensures that no puppy is born without a home. 

Q: How much are your Cavapoo puppies? Do you offer discounts?

A: Our puppies are all $4,000, with a nonrefundable $1000 deposit.  This is a commitment fee – it ensures that each puppy has a home before being born.  The average Cavapoo litter is 3-5 puppies.

Q: Do you have teacup or mini Cavapoo puppies?

A:  No.  The breed standard is 12-25 pounds, and we prefer our puppies to be full grown in the 15-20 pound range.  This is the perfect size to ensure you are still able to easily pick up and carry your dog, but not so small that they risk injury from being under foot or children.

About Me

Hi, my name is Bridgett.

I’m the owner and founder of Sleeping Bear Kennels, Michigan’s Cavapoo Breeder.  Our goal here at SBK is to breed puppies who have the ability to go on for service, emotional support, and therapy work, as well behaved family companions. My background is in dog training, and I’m currently an AKC CGC Evaluator. I am passionate about training your puppy to live with you and your family. I am a wife, mother of four, and mom to lots of fur kids, too.  Knowing how important this decision is to add a new member to your family is, I thank you for considering my program.

Warmest regards,

Bridgett Flanders


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