Waitlists and the current puppy shortage.

There is a current puppy shortage, so scams are rampant and I would be wary of any available puppies right now, as these may be from backyard breeders (who unfortunately don’t know the first thing about puppy rearing, health or genetic testing), puppy farms, or they may simply not exist at all.
Someone can easily copy a facebook page and make it look like they are a genuine breeder. With me, you can see my website/facebook/instagram are all connected, feature interactions from friends/family, is regularly updated with photos and videos, and I am always available for a face time/zoom/phone call.
Some things to look out for:
“Phone calls only. No calls on Sundays.” Usually an Amish puppy farm. (nothing against the Amish populations but their view on dogs is more similar to livestock that companion animals, and they are raised in the same fashion.)
“Certified/Licensed by the USDA” or something similar. This means they have so many breeding females that they are considered again, more close to livestock and not companion animals, and are raised and treated as such.
Lots of puppies, lots of breeds, lots available right now! This is usually a listing service, that a lot of the Amish breeders/puppy mills/USDA certified “breeders” use to move their product (puppies).
Health guarantee: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. These often have conditions that you only feed the dog a certain food, usually an affiliate product that the breeder gets a kickback on. If you feed the dog something else, you don’t get your money back.