What to know about cavapoos

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Hi friends! Below you will find information all about Sleeping Bear Kennels, our cuddly Cavapoos, and our family. We specialize in puppies with temperaments to become service dogs (like Mama Scarlet!) emotional support, therapy dogs, and all around fantastic family companions. Cavapoos are family oriented, cuddly, loyal, intelligent, and gentle natured.

We are one of the top Cavapoo Breeders in the Midwest.  

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What To Know About Cavapoos

Cavapoos are family oriented dogs.  They do not enjoy being left alone, and always want a member of the family nearby to cuddle.  From the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they get their kind, gentle nature, their easy going attitude, and their love of snuggles.  From the Miniature Poodles they get their intelligence, loyalty, and humor. Cavapoos are fun loving, biddable, and easy to train.  They housebreak easily, and like any dog enjoy consistency and structure of routine. If not properly socialized and acclimated to be left home by themselves, they may become anxious, nervous, or clingy.   Avoid this by utilizing early socialization with people, places, and other pets, and train your dog to be left alone for short periods. 

All About Cavapoos

What to know About Sleeping Bear kennels

Our Breeding Program

  • Selection of the best parents who are free of severe genetic and health conditions
  • We stick to red and red and white colors because our focus is on health and temperament

  • Health and genetic testing for our parents

  • Early neurological stimulation for our puppies

  • High-quality food for all our dogs

  • Observation and temperament testing to help each puppy find it’s forever home

  • In-home environment with an emphasis on comfort, cleanliness, and safety


Q: Why is your waitlist for Cavapoo puppies so long?

A: Our waitlist is currently 5 months long, but it can be up to 18 months. A good breeder will maintain a waitlist – this ensures that no puppy is born without a home. 

Q: How much are your Cavapoo puppies? Do you offer discounts?

A: Our puppies are all $4,000, including a nonrefundable $1000 deposit.  Think of it as a commitment fee – it ensures that each puppy has a home before being born.  The average cavapoo litter is 3-5 puppies, and we max our deposits at 3 per litter.   We also maintain a general waitlist, and if the litter size is bigger than 3 puppies, we first go to our next deposits, then to our general inquiry list (those who have no yet placed a deposit but expressed interest.)

Q: Do you have teacup or mini Cavapoo puppies?

A:  No.  The breed standard is 12-25 pounds, and we prefer our puppies to be full grown in the 15-20 pound range.  This is the perfect size to ensure you are still able to easily pick up and carry your dog, but not so small that they risk injury from being under foot or children.

All About Cuddly Cavapoos

Health Quality Temperament

Our goal is to provide our Cavapoo puppies with the best start in life so that they can go on to become well-loved, healthy, obedient, treasured members of their families forever.  We want our Cavapoo puppies to go on into the working professions. This includes service dog work, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs.

We do this by maintaining the highest standards in health, nutrition, temperament, socialization, and enrichment for our dogs and puppies.  We use the most up to date genetic testing to make sure our puppies are healthy.

We are an in-home kennel, but we also believe in providing a safe, clean environment for our moms and puppies.

This means each age and stage has a different environment, from the warm, quiet, safe whelping pen, to the hustle and bustle of the enriching environment for our older puppies.

We love to post lots of videos and photos on our socials. That’s the best way to get the behind the scenes look!

Breeding Cavapoo Female Scarlet the Service Dog
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