Training Tools

This was our service dog gear haul, more specifically training tools for service dog handlers. I’ve found that how to dog train, especially how to owner train your own service dog, and wether or not to use positive only training, or balanced dog training is up to each individual and what works best for them. Please consult a professional service dog trainer or pet dog trainer before attempting to use these tools yourself.

Many of these tools can be used for pet dogs as well, depending on your training goals.  

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I hope you enjoyed this video and I posted links of the dog gear from the video below!

Our Training Gear | Leashes Round Dog

Leash (Similar):

Leather Multiway Dog Leash:

Traffic Leash:

Long Leash 30ft:

Our Training Gear | Collars

Flat Collar (Similar):

Mini Educator E Collar (2 Dogs):

Starmark Collar:

Martingale Collar:

Our Training Gear | Assorted

Zukes Dog Treats:


Treat Pouch:

Cotton Rolls (Similar):

Metal Containers (Similar):

Post It Notes:

Rubber Bucket:

Dog Bells:

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