Welcoming a new puppy into your life is an incredibly joyful experience, one filled with endless cuddles, boundless energy, and a whole lot of adventure. As you embark on this exciting journey of puppy parenthood, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right tools to ensure their safety, comfort, and, of course, style. That’s where leashes and collars come into play.

The world of leashes and collars for puppies is as diverse as it is essential. These seemingly simple accessories can make a significant difference in your pup’s training, behavior, and overall well-being.

From classic options to innovative designs, safety features to fashion statements, we’ll delve into the world of puppy accessories to help you choose the perfect leash and collar for your canine companion. So, whether you’re about to bring home your first puppy or adding another four-legged family member to your pack, let’s dive in.

Fit and Basics

For our puppies and dogs of any age, we want to make sure we can slip two fingers between their neck and collar. Also check that the collar doesn’t slip over their head, and that it doesn’t seem too tight when they move around. This can be tough with fluffier friends! We are also going to check for signs of wear, and make sure that the D ring and buckle is in good condition. I also recommend collars and harnesses come off in the crate, especially at night time.

Under 6 months: check collar weekly for fit

Under 12 months: check collar every 2 weeks

1 year and up: check monthly


For Our Cavapoos:

At Go Home: Extra Small – Adjustable to 7/8″ – 10/11″

2-6 months: Most will be in the Extra Small range, some may move up to a Small – Adjustable to 12′-16″

6+ months: Our larger pals may move up to a smaller medium size of 14.5-18″, most will stay in a size Small



  1. Breakaway Collars are great for new puppies who can easily get into tight spaces. We send our puppies home with them.
  2. Ruffwear’s Flat Out Dog Collar is one of my favorites for durability.
  3. Blueberry Collars come in so many fun patterns for holidays and special events.
  4. Biothane Dog Collars are waterproof, which is a great option if your dog goes swimming or likes to get muddy.
  5. Leather Collars are great if you keep your dog fluffy, as it doesn’t cause the hair to tangle as easily.
  6. Light Up Collars are essential for night time walks and potty breaks.
  7. FI GPS Collar these are compatible with your Fi Series 3 GPS tracker. (The Fi GPS tracker is sold HERE)

A note on martingale, starmark, prong, ecollars and other “training” type collars: While they sometimes have use on larger dogs, they have no use on small dogs like Cavapoos and should only be used under the supervision and guidance of a dog professional.


I love harnesses for puppies, and free time and sniff walks. To fit these properly, they shouldn’t slide around on the back, nor dig in behind the front legs. The chest area should be centered as well. The sizing on these can vary significantly between brands, so you may have to try a few before you get the best fit for your puppy or dog.

  1. Step In Mesh Vests are super easy at they have one clip and not a ton of straps to get correct.
  2. Ruffwear’s Front Range Harness is my favorite. I love the reflective material for extra safety.
  3. Blueberry Dog Harnesses are the same as the collars: so many super cute, fun patterns to chose from.
  4. Ruffwear Web Master Harness is a great choice for hiking and I love the padding on the bottom of the straps.


There are so many options in leashes, and this is one area where I definitely have favorites! I have a leash with a padded handle for hiking, hands free for running, 4 foot leash for training heel, a 20 foot one for training recall, a regular 6 foot leash for daily walks, and lots of cheap nylon ones stashed by the door, in the car, and everywhere in between.

A note on retractable leashes: These multi-purpose leashes seem great, but injuries to people and pets aren’t uncommon. Another issue I’ve personally seen is that they get stuck and can’t be retracted and you no longer have safe control of your dog near cars, bicycles, or unfamiliar animals.

A note on slip leads: I think these have their place for specific training, not with Cavapoos. With that said, I do keep one in the car and one with our pet emergency supplies since they can be used without collars.

  1. Basic Nylon Leashes are great for everyday use. I keep extras near the door and in the car. 4′ is great for training, 6′ is great for sniff walks and potty breaks.
  2. Padded Handle Leashes are my go to for daily walks and hiking.
  3. Hands Free Leashes are great for dogs who are good at walking on leash when you are hiking, running, or going for long walks.
  4. Adjustable Leather Leashes are my favorite for combination training/sniff walks. These have adjustable lengths.
  5. Biothane Leashes are great for outdoor activities and pups who like to get muddy and go swimming.
  6. Long Line Leashes come in lengths from 12 to 50 feet and are great for training recall, travel, and camping.
  7. Run Line is a great option for camping and the lake house and travel where your dog is secure in a larger environment.

Tags and Identification

Our pups go home microchipped, but a tag allows for quick and easy identification in case they get lost, or decide to go visit the neighborhood. I always caution being mindful of anything that dangles, as it adds an additional item to get entangled.

  1. Silicone Tags are a great option if you hate the jingle jangle.
  2. Simple Metal Tags are great and last for a long time.
  3. Collar Tags sit flush with the collar and are a great option.
  4. Air Tag Holders are an option for identification and GPS.
  5. Slide On Collar Tag is another option that slides directly on their collar.


You can find more gear recommendations here.


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