Why structure is important for all dogs

Structured walks are important for all dogs, not just service dogs!  Also called training walks, structured walks allow dogs to work on their training outside of the house.  We love to encourage engagement (eye contact) which helps the dogs learn that you are important!  While the smells, sights, and sounds are exciting and great, we don’t want them to only focus on those things.

In teh video I’m working with Scarlet, but you can apply a lot of these to your dogs, too.  Engagement games like click and treat for eye contact is fun for the dog.  While you don’t need your pet dog to know how to turn on command, the stop and go game is fun to add in and mixes up walks, too!  

While it’s not seen in this video, we also work on distractions to minimize barking.  Benny loves to bark (otherwise known as being reactive!) to all sorts of sights and sounds.  These walks daily are a great way to keep them in check, and we use a click and treat game for that, too!   But that’s another video!


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