Training and Pet Sitting



We use positive reinforcement and clicker training methods. During your free consultation, we meet you and your dog, discuss goals, and create a training plan. All training is for 6 weeks programs unless otherwise noted.

We expect you to follow the training between visits, based on the support level you have selected. Each week we will build upon previous skills and we are available via email between appointments. 

For puppies under 6 months with little to no previous training we may work on some or all of the following basics: sit, down, stay, take it, drop it, leave it, wait, name, touch, come, loose leash walking, potty bells, and crate introduction.

For older dogs and puppies who are ready for intermediate obedience: We fill in any gaps in the “basics” and make sure those are solid. We then expand upon those with distance, duration, and distraction. Depending on owner preferences, we can also address any behaviors, take field trips, or teach fun tricks.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

We know your pup is more comfortable at home, so all of our services come to you. We always have a free meet and greet for all new clients, so we can ensure the best service. All visits are 45 minutes, and we can cater to your pups needs. For our weekend packages, we have 4 visits on your first or last day, depending on your preference, and 5 visits a day for all other days. We can add extra visits depending on your pet’s needs.

More Information

What if I’m sick or busy?

– We set the schedule at the consultation, based on availability and your schedule. 

– We allow one week of reschedules per 6 weeks, with at least 12 hours notice. Visits will be rescheduled based on availability. 

How far do you travel?

– Within the greater Kalamazoo-Portage Area. If you are out of our service area, please contact to discuss options.


For training: packages are nonrefundable and are only good for the number of visits shown. We retain the right to refuse in-person visits due to canine aggression, resource guarding, owner lacking the ability to safely control their dog, or any other situation or environment that causes the trainer to feel unsafe. If training is already underway, then a refund will be issued for the price difference between the remaining in-person and online visits.

For all dog walking and pet sitting services: We retain the right to refuse clients due to canine aggression, resource guarding, or any other situation or environment that causes the sitter to feel unsafe and any remaining dog walking package will be refunded. For petting sitting services, you will be notified immediately, and if we are unable to contact you within 2 hours, your emergency contact will be notified. All attempts will be made to provide minimum base care to your dog