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Puppy Raising Must Haves

From a crate and water dish to a cute collar and my top recommended book – click here for everything I recommend for new puppy!

Easy Puppy Playpen

The easiet way to avoid messes with a new puppy is to create a safe space – a puppy playpen.  This can be as simple (or fancy) as you’d like.  The space should include:  kennel, food and water dishes, and a place to potty when you are not home. We add a sheet of linoleum underneath to protect the floors while housebreaking, as well as a bed and a safe toy.


Puppies are started on Royal Canin Mother and Babydog, and go home on Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy, and our mom dogs are on Royal Canin Adult Food.

We feed our Labrador Purina Pro Plan and have been happy.


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Breeder Blog

Finding a Potential Parent Dog

So much time and planning go into finding a puppy that may go on to become a mom or dad in our breeding program. I wanted to give a little glimpse into te process, which starts an average of 4 years before the first litter. Step 1 Finding a Breeder We start looking...

What Goes Into Puppy Go Home

Two Weeks Before At six weeks, puppies are eating softened kibble, as their teeth have finally come in. We are working on sound desensitization and they spend their awake time playing, exploring, and interacting. During this week two very exciting things happen Family...

Choosing The Right Dog Breed For You

What Dog To Get? You've taken the quizzes, met your friend's dogs, chatted with owners out with their pup, and you still have no idea what breed is for you?  I get it! Welcoming a furry companion into your life is an exciting decision, but it's essential to choose a...

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