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From books to read to things to buy – there’s a lot that goes into preparing for puppy.  These resources are here to help!  Looking for dog training? See the link below!

Books To Read


We’re In this Together

HouseBreaking cheat sheet


Easy Puppy Playpen

The easiet way to avoid messes with a new puppy is to create a safe space – a puppy playpen.  This can be as simple (or fancy) as you’d like.  The space should include:  kennel, food and water dishes, and a place to potty when you are not home.


While we feed our dogs raw food, there are great, nutritionally sound options for all types, so chose whatever you are comfortable with, and what type your dog enjoys eating. 

These are dog foods we have used and recommend:

Dry Food: Orijen Puppy

Wet Food: Wellness Puppy

Raw: Stella and Chewy’s

 Fresh:  FreshPet


Places We Love



Rover Pet Sitting


Breeder Blog

“Why is your waitlist so long?”

Waitlists and the current puppy shortage. There is a current puppy shortage, so scams are rampant and I would be wary of any available puppies right now, as these may be from backyard breeders (who unfortunately don't know the first thing about puppy rearing, health...

Can I Raise A Puppy?

Nervous About Raising A Puppy? Don't worry! We've got you covered. Cavapoos are notoriously easy to train, and are quite biddable.   They do not chew everything in sight, and they are not tall enough to counter surf or get into the garbage bins. From the Cavalier King...

Service Dog Working (what it really looks like)

This is what it really looks like, friends! There is so much mystery surrounding service dogs.    They really are special, but also just normal dogs, accompanying a normal person.  This video was recorded for Scarlet's trainer (yes, even dog trainers have...

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