One of the biggest questions I get asked is about crate training: Should I crate train my puppy? The answer I have: always.

Crate training gives puppies their own space.

Crate training gives you a break and keeps puppy safe.

If your dog has to stay at the vet, they will be much more at ease.

Car Safety!

Crates For At Home

  1. Midwest Double Door 30″ Crate  This is your indoor wire crate. The double doors allow you to fit it in different areas of your home.
  2. End Table Dog Crate If you don’t like the look of a dog crate, but still want to use a dog crate, these blend in with your home.
  3. Playpen I love these for when you are housebreaking puppy. Simply attach to the sides of the crate, so they have a safe and secure area to hang out in while you make dinner
  4. Dog Crate Cover These come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they go over the wire crate to provide a bit more privacy for pup.

Kennels For The Car

  1. Dakota Kennels The top of the line protection you can get out of a dog kennel.
  2. Hardsided Kennels These are much more budget friendly, but I find myself replacing them about every 1.5-2 years. The doors sometimes fall off, the plastic strips and no longer holds the screws, etc.
  3. Framed Cloth Carrier If you want your puppy contained but hate the idea of them being smushed into a crate for longer rides, these are a nice option.
  4. Dog Car Seat Covers To contain any hair or messes, and protect your seats.
  5. Dog Bed With Harness I see these used a lot, and dogs seem to like them.

In The Yard

  1.  Classic Dog House How can you not love this?
  2. Large Outdoor Area These provide an enclosed safe space if you don’t have a fenced yard.
  3. Yard Fencing If you want a barrier around a small area like a front or side yard, or to designate a potty spot for puppy.
  4. Electric Fence These aren’t my favorite, but a lot of families use them successfully.
  5. Run Line These are great for camping, going to the lake, and visiting friends.


  1. Seat Belt Tether We use these for quick trips.
  2. Doughnut Bed These are super cute, especially for new puppy photos!
  3. Crate Pads We buy a few of these and keep them on rotation for those muddy paw days
  4. Orthopedic Dog Bed Now is the time to think about their joints, especially if you have hardwood floors.
  5. Cozy Dog Bed Our dogs love dog beds like these, and they good for pups favorite corner in your office.
  6. Water Bowl A must in your puppies crate, and this design helps it not spill


You can head here for more puppy gear recommendations.


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