See some of my favorite dog gear.  I’m loving a 6 way leash, disliking the bungee leashes.  I’ll also show you the dogs favorite chew bones that last forever.

Service Dog Gear Haul – for pets too! Let me know what your favorite piece of dog gear is! I’m loving the multiway leather dog leash that I linked below. I’m not feeling the bungee/jogging leashes. Do you like them? We also have a ton of dog collars and dog treats. What’s your favorite piece of dog gear (service dog or pet dog). I tried to link to most things, but drop a comment below if there’s something I forgot to mention! I show you my favorite gear for both my service dog and my pet dog. Scarlet is my service dog in training Cavapoo (doodle dog!) Benny is our pet goldendoodle. I am a dog breeder and service dog handler.

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