All About Cavapoos with Scarlet the Service Dog

Learn all about Cavapoos!  Cavapoos are our dog breed of choice. We enjoy their size, the coloring (we like red and white and solid reds!). Scarlet will be 20 pounds fully grown, and our goal with her puppies is the same.

While I hesitate to call Cavapoos a hypoallergenic dog (because I’m not an allergist!) I will say that the doodles that we have do not shed.

This is another place where genetics can come into play. Scarlet carries 2 copies of a gene that is linked to low shedding. What does “low” mean? For Scarlet, that means loose hairs only come out when brushing.
We don’t see dog hair on on furniture or clothing.

Want to learn more about Cavapoos? Here’s a book about the Cavapoo dog breed
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